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Tailored Insights, Personalized Results.

At 268 Tutors, we're your partners in academic success, offering tailored tutoring from primary through secondary and specialized test prep. Beyond academics, we foster creativity with engaging events like art and music classes, STEM playgroups, and more. Stay tuned for more unique experiences! 


Join us and experience learning, innovation, and celebration like never before.




Can't find what you are looking for below? Contact us and we would be happy to help accommodate your needs!


Classes and Events

At 268 Tutors, we're not just about academic excellence; we're about fostering creativity and community. Our diverse range of events include homework groups, art and music classes, STEM based play groups, and more!  Our sessions spark innovation and problem-solving skills in a fun, interactive way.

But our offerings don't stop there – we're constantly innovating to provide unique and enriching experiences for students of all ages. Check our schedules on Instagram or Facebook to join us in these exciting ventures that combine education and fun!

Private Tutoring

At 268 Tutors, we're committed to providing top-tier education services in primary and secondary school tutoring, along with specialized test preparation. Our expert tutors create a supportive and engaging learning environment tailored to each student's unique needs. From mastering fundamental concepts to excelling in advanced subjects, we guide students on their educational journey. 

Painting Eggs

Private Events

Coming soon! Looking to host an unforgettable birthday party or a private playdate with an educational twist? Look no further than 268 Tutors! Whether it's a birthday bash infused with STEM-themed fun or a private playdate with hands-on activities, our space is the perfect backdrop. Join us for an educational adventure to make your special occasion truly exceptional. 

Painted Hands


Nestled in the heart of Bay Gardens, our 268 Tutors location is more than just a tutoring center – it's an educational haven.  Our state-of-the-art classroom and small group sizes create a nurturing environment where personalized attention creates strong connections and meaningful academic growth. With vibrant educators, cutting-edge resources, and a welcoming ambiance, we provide an inspiring space for students to thrive. Join us at Bay Gardens for a uniquely enriching learning experience! 🌟📚

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