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About Us

We are more than tutors; we are passionate educators dedicated to challenging and stimulating young minds in innovative ways.

Our Commitment to Learning

With years of collective experience and a shared commitment to education, our team at 268 Tutors comprises of accomplished individuals with master's degrees in education. We are more than just tutors; we are passionate educators dedicated to challenging young minds in innovative ways. In our intimate setting, we offer a supportive environment where small class sizes allow for personalized attention throughout the entire learning journey. Join us as we blend expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to guide each student toward academic success and personal growth. 

Our dedicated team of expert tutors is committed to guiding students from primary to secondary levels, ensuring they not only grasp concepts but also excel in their academic pursuits. Beyond traditional tutoring, we foster creativity and community through engaging events like art classes, STEM playgroups, and personalized learning experiences.

What Parents Say

"My child loves working with Ms. Swann! She has helped her regain her confidence in English, and has learned how to read."

— Maya's mom

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